How do I follow news effectively?

Technology has developed to a state where we could get to know the things happening in any corner of the world within seconds. In the present world hundreds of news sources are available. Information and news that we want to know is just a tap away.

But the problem is how one could decide what news source provides the best and the reliable news?

Thanks to News Mute there is no more confusion. News Mute is an application created to assist in getting connected to reliable news websites and receive important news.

Just as the name suggests News Mute mutes unwanted news by filtering them out while enabling to follow only the necessary website updates with only two buttons. News button is used to find and share the wanted news and the second button to mute the unwanted news and also to ask friends to mute them too.

The human nature is to read headlines and then decide if the article is worth reading. Or we would perhaps read if a friend recommends.

How can I filter out bad news?

Another function of News Mute is sorting news. Whenever a friend clicks News on a title it is automatically ranked and as a friend reads it its rank goes up. And always the highest ranking item appears first guaranteeing that it definitely is important news. News Mute functions as an application making it easy to read news from many different sites from a single, consistent source.

It works otherwise for Muting. The news that are not rated or read by friends remain at the bottom of the list or even do not appear on the news feed and will be eventually erased from the newsfeed in a day as News Mute would like cleanse your news which enables to see only the latest and the highly rated news.

How do I manage a lot of news?

Hundreds of items will be available on the news feed. However, since it is not that necessary to read all news items from all news sources and since you may want to read news from just one source there is an upcoming release for that as well. And that extra feature will not come with extra buttons so that it would be easier to handle.
News Mute provides the opportunity to be updated with the news that really matter to you as it becomes available without visiting the respective website and above all without wasting time.

Another opportunity provided by News Mute is that you can build your own audience for your blog.

Your followers can follow your WordPress blog since WordPress comes with a built in feature called Feeds.
When subscribing to News Mute unlike other applications News Mute does not store your email address. It just hashes your email once in your device and once at the servers in order to assure safety. The OAuth login required at the usage of the application generates a signature for you involving the email within just a couple of seconds.

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